Upcoming TISQA Meetings

Upcoming TISQA Meetings

1/26/17 Bob Galen – Putting the “Story” Back Into User Story

2/23/17 Paul Merril – Machine Learning

3/23/17 Larry Maccherone – Cyber Security

4/27/17 Bob Galen – Stop Leading from the Front

5/25/17  Fish Bowl

6/22/17 Taylor Roberts – Job Hunting


Putting the “Story” Back Into User Story

If you’re using User Stories for your agile requirements, you’re not alone. It seems to have become the ubiquitous vehicle for communicating customer requirements to agile teams. And it works incredibly well in this regard. However, many teams are experiencing problems with it. And I don’t believe it’s the story’s fault.

You see we often forget the “conversation” part of the story, and more importantly, the story-telling part. When Kent Beck originated the idea of the User Story, this was his original intent. It was to initiate or inspire a story-level conversation between a stakeholder or customer and the team implementing something to meet their needs. It was face-to-face and interactive. It was intended to inform, but also inspire. It was also ongoing.
Join Bob Galen in this talk that brings our focus back to the original intent of the User Story; that is the story-part. We’ll explore how to tell better stories to enhance the results of your agile teams’ collaboration, understanding, and ultimately their results.



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