Presenter  Date Presentation
 Shaun Bradshaw 4/17/2008 Test ROI: Calculating The Value of Testing
 Golan Avraham 6/22/2006 Successful Enterprise Application Projects
 Bob O’Brien 4/20/2006 Improving Test Groups a Dime At a Time
 Shaun Bradshaw 3/16/2006 S-Curves & the Zero Bug Bounce
 Mbelu K Walton 11/17/2005 Building Effective Testing Relationships for Better Pipelining of the QA Process
 Dan Young 3/17/2005 An Architected Solution for Test Automation
 Bob Galen 6/16/2004 Dynamic Software Tracking
 Shaun BRadshaw 6/16/2004 Test Metrics: A Practical Approach To Tracking and Interpretation